I’m Ashley and I’m here to help you build your dream website for your dream business. 

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A profitable business always starts with a beautifully built and thought out website. 

If a profitable business growth is your #1 goal, it’s important to have an appealing and functional website that you and your audience will love!

That is where I come in to help!

What I'm Known For.

Designing a beautiful and functional website on desktop and mobile for businesses using wordpress, shopify, show it, wix, and squarespace. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Having a functional and properly set up website is essential when considering SEO. Imagine a potential viewer or buyer searching for something on google and your website is the first thing that pops up! You’ll get traffic from an extremely targeted consumer. There are many things that play into SEO but having a website built with SEO in mind from the beginning is unbelievably beneficial. 

A proper Social Bio Link is extremely important for your website traffic. Stop using links from linktree and start using a link from your own website. Every time a viewer clicks your social bio link to linktree, they are bringing traffic to the linktree website itself. Why not take that traffic and bring it to your website for more website views which will ultimately increase your SEO. Having a social bio link done from your website helps increase your traffic and you can design it to look the way you want. All the same benefits as linktree but more!

Having a proper landing page that displays all of your services, testimonials, an email opt-in, and information about your company is essential for businesses to grow. It develops a personal connection between you and the consumer and gets your customers into an email funnel so your subscribers can learn more or buy what you are selling. 

Forms and pop ups that convert a viewer into a long term viewer is something all websites need. A form will bring your viewers into an email funnel that you “own”. You can send promotions, resources, educational material and so much more to your email list which will ultimately lead to more money! I come in and create beautiful and functional forms that convert. Forms and pop ups that work well are freebie resources, discounts, and newsletters. You’ll want to get behind proper forms and pop ups for your email list. 

Meet Ashley

I started building websites several years ago when I wanted find a way to make money online. I was broke so I was forced to learn how to build a website on my own. I began to fall in a habit of building a website for a brand I started and then I would just stop with the business and move onto another website. 

After building many websites (that looking back on was for fun) I realized that I truly enjoy building beautiful and functional websites for business start ups. There was such a learning curve in the beginning such as SEO, site speed, hosting, plug-ins, and so much backend stuff that I’m forever grateful that I learned. It has allowed me to build multiple websites and turn my passion into a business where I can help clients visions come to life and It’s important that your vision is heard!

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